B2B businesses across different sectors can efficiently address their unique requirements by utilising the capabilities of the KYC Netherlands Platform. This flexible and customizable KYC solution seamlessly integrates with various online systems, offering resilient and adaptable protocols to cater to diverse business needs.

Banking and Finance

The banking sector in the Netherlands encounters a greater frequency of fraudulent activities, including an alarming rise in data breaches and identity theft cases. To combat the misuse of financial tools, banks must perform customer risk assessments when onboarding new clients. In this regard, KYC software specifically designed for banks proves indispensable. These advanced digital identity verification solutions are vital in authenticating customer information, leveraging data from trusted sources such as renowned credit bureaus and government databases.

Banking and Finance


To enable the acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency in the Netherlands, it is crucial to address scepticism and regulatory scrutiny through stringent compliance measures. Meeting the necessary criteria can pave the way for a transformative financial landscape where transactions and money management become more accessible and decentralised, benefiting individuals and businesses alike. Striking a balance between efficient onboarding procedures and maintaining customer loyalty allows businesses to improve customer satisfaction, foster long-term relationships, and encourage repeat transactions, leading to positive word-of-mouth recommendations.



Regtech solutions are instrumental in assisting businesses with their regulatory compliance needs by leveraging cutting-edge technology. In the Netherlands, KYC Netherlands is a leading provider of regtech solutions tailored to the fintech industry. Our primary objective is to streamline and digitise KYC and AML processes. With our advanced AML software designed specifically for banks and KYC solutions catered to regtechs, financial institutions can efficiently verify customer identities, proactively combat fraudulent activities, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with rigorous due diligence requirements.



In the Netherlands, KYC solutions designed for the healthcare industry are revolutionising patient onboarding. This innovative online identity verification service simplifies and streamlines the authentication of patient identities, introducing instant online verification through KYC Netherlands. By embracing this solution, healthcare providers can greatly reduce the time and effort required for patients to register, resulting in improved efficiency and quicker access to high-quality care. This advanced approach enhances the overall patient experience and ensures that healthcare services remain accessible to all needy individuals.



Our advanced identity verification solutions are designed to expedite approval processes and improve the overall efficiency of claims handling. By leveraging our solutions, insurance companies can enhance their operations and provide a better experience for their organisation and valued customers. With KYC Netherlands, you can confidently protect against identity fraud and ensure the integrity of your insurance services.


Online Gaming

To prevent identity theft and unauthorised access to age-restricted video games by underage individuals, gaming companies need to incorporate robust and reliable identity authentication solutions into their existing systems. By implementing these solutions, gaming companies can effectively detect and mitigate various forms of fraud, including identity, device, location, and activity-based fraud, thereby reducing risks and providing a secure environment that safeguards against fraudulent activities. The gaming industry can confidently protect its customers and their business interests with advanced KYC solutions and dedicated KYC software.

online gaming

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